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To Share...

Bellota Iberian Ham “Blázquez” from Guijuelo,     21,90 € / 100gr.
Cristal Bread, Local Tomato, Royal Olive Oil.

Market Fish in Ceviche,     16,50 €
Seaweed Sand, Lime-Chili Sorbet, Tiger Milk, Passion Fruit.

Beef Carpaccio,     13,90 €
Manchego Cheese, Basil, Olives, Pickles, Tomato Confit, Paprika “de la Vera”.

Foiegras Mi-Cuit,     20,70 €
Licorice, Apple, Mistela, Nougat, Craquelin.

Croquette of Iberian Ham,     1,95/unit
Mousseline of Baba Ganush.

Garlic Prawns,     13,75 €
your Garlic Pan.

(elaborated with Arborio Rice from Pego)

Risotto of Cod,     14,90 €

Creamy Cauliflower, Tartufata and Spinach.

Risotto of Lobster,     23,50 €

Fermented Garlic, Courgette, Marine Sprouts.

Risotto of Orchard Products.     12,50 €

From the Sea

Seabass Cooked in Salt with Wild Fennel,     5,90 € / 100 gr.
Olive Oil Degustation, Selection of Seasonal Vegetables ( mín. 2 pers ).

Skrei Fillet Low Temperature,     24,10 €

Mussels Ragout, Parsley, Lemon Confit.

Grilled Turbot,     26,20 €
“Stoemp” of Carrot and Coriander, Sauce of Orange, Coconut and Saffron.

Red Prawn from Javea Bay,     15,50 € / 100gr.
Grilled or Natural.

Lobster Bellevue,     23,50 €
Royal Quinoa Tabule Moroccan Style, Cocktail Sauce with his Coral.

And from the Land

Rack of Lamb,     27,90 €
Aromatic Herbs from the Montgó, Violet Mustard Sauce.

Cotelette of Iberian Pork,     20,10 €
Aubergine in Textures, Canary Potatoes with Mojo Picón Sauce.

Sirloin of Frisona Cow,     25,50 €
“a la Parrilla”, Selection of Seasonal Vegetables.

Chateaubriand of Frisona Cow, (mín. 2 pers. ),      26,50 €
Cooked in Salt, Selection of Market Vegetables.

And to Finish with...

Cured and Refined National Cheeses,     12,20 €
Panettone, Dried Fruits, Marmalade.

Crème Brûlee,     9,60 €
María Luisa Herb, Lavender and White Chocolate.

Wild Garden,     10,55 €
Fresh Cheese Mousse, Red Fruits, Rose Meringue, Flowers, Sprouts.

“Chocolate Madness”,     13,00 €

“Exotic Evasion”,     11,70 €
Parfait Glace, Coconut, Rhum, Mangue, Passion Fruit, Almonds.

La Dame Blanche,     10,40 €
the Original.

Selection of Ice Cream or Sorbets     10,20 €

Irish or French Coffee,     9,80 €